La Sagesse, St. David’s, Grenada

Today’s adventure was to La Sagesse for lunch.

Compared to Grand Anse, this beach is quite and feels secluded from the rest of the island. As we came in we crossed a small river, parked in front of a long line of trees, then continued to walk from there.

As we emerge from the path the ocean reveals itself and we are the only people on the beach.

Meat Loaf (or Meat in Loaf) was for lunch. I did not capture a picture because I ate it so fast, but it is basically like a chopped up hotdog and cheese inside of this delicious bread, and then cut up like a pizza. Yes please.

Treasure hunting started when lunch was over. There are so many strange and strangely familiar objects hanging out around the shore. My favorite find was a crab claw while Asher picked up lots of golf ball sized black seeds. Banksy (the dog) collected as many coconuts as he possibly could.

On our way out there was a man hand making bracelets and necklaces from “flex” or the spine from coconut leaves. Beautifully crafted and so natural. I am still amazed at what artists can do with the materials that surround them.