Animals Everywhere

It is hard getting used to animals being everywhere. Driving home from the airport there were two huge cows grazing on the side of the road. On our daily excursions I see plenty of goats meandering about. Coming from suburbia this is a strange thing! BUT also, super adorable. Wild dogs are everywhere and it amazes me that on these steep curvy roads they do not get hit by cars. They are wicked smart. Geckos are constantly running around on the walls and ceilings looking for food at night. They make the strangest noise! Almost like a cat. Very loud little creatures. One of the Mains’ neighbors has some chickens and I call one of them the “Confused Rooster”. Growing up I always assumed Roosters would crow when the sunrises. Not this guy. Mid-afternoon, crow. Early evening, crow. I love it. He keeps me on my toes.

It’s hard to snap pictures of all the animals I randomly see, so I will leave you with photos of Banksy, Boo, Talum, and Jack, my housemates. (And of course one of my Leah from back home. Miss her face. Photo credit of Leah goes to Annabelle Cannestra.)