It is hot here.

Coming from Wisconsin I love venturing anywhere warm. I love the heat and the sun. I love wearing short sleeves and dresses. I knew it was going to be hot and humid in Grenada, so the fact that it is hot is not a surprise to me. The big change is that this is not a vacation. I am not spending a week relaxing ocean side in my bikini. I am working, living, teaching, making, talking, walking, shopping, etc and adding constant sunshine and 90% humidity wears on you. It is difficult getting used to always being sweaty, to my paper pieces and books always being a little wrinkled, but I am up for the challenge.

These photos are from a rainy day spent at Secret Beach. I am not exactly sure where it is, but it was a little bit of a drive and then a small hike/climb. An unexpected storm decided to join us and instead of running to the car to get out of the rain, we ran into the ocean. The water was warm and the rain was cool.