Im really bad at blogging

I started this blog in August as a way to document my time in Grenada. To see how my work was influenced by my surroundings (and lack of Target) and how my physical and mental self would change too. As someone who has a very hard time writing, I knew that starting a blog would be a struggle. I would remind myself that every post does not have to be prolific, but as the days here grew to become more “normal” writing seemed strange. No one wants to read about the day I did laundry, or went grocery shopping, or stayed in bed all day because of a migraine. I stopped writing. Stopped documenting and assumed my life was going unchanged, just a little more sweaty.

On Friday, March 16th my solo show “Horizon” opened. A multi-media show that includes a projection of waves over sculptures (that I refer to as “shell babies”) and a series of small, brightly colored, landscapes. My work is very contemporary, so I was nervous to present this installation. Susan Mains Gallery presents such a mix of work, but is known for the impressive paintings by Susan Mains. Thick, vibrant colors depicting Grenadian life. How can my work even compare. My work has shells wrapped in chocolate wrappers hanging from the ceiling. No one is going to take me seriously! I was wrong. The turn out was amazing and the response to the way I captured Grenada caught the attention of a diverse group of art lovers.

Today I sit in the aftermath of a solo show, reflecting on the interactions I had with the audience, and the interactions the audience had with the art. It is here and now that I am realizing how much I have changed because of Grenada. I put so much pressure on myself to be prolific. Michael Jessamy, a Grenadian Historian, shared with me that the shells I had repurposed as art objects were essential in the everyday life of indigenous Grenada. Conch shells were the tools and Jessamy points out that I have given life and attention back to objects that had died and become unknown. I gave life to the mundane. So maybe my everyday, my laundry days, my grocery trips need to be written about.

With all that, HI! I am back to writing. But with less pressure this time.