I only have a month left on the island and I’ve become quite nostalgic. I keep thinking of how I felt when I first got here and wanting to return to all of the spots that I have already seen, while making a list of all the things I want to do before leaving.

Must see:

  • La Sagesse Beach – and the one second La Sagesse beach that you have to walk to (not sure of the name, but it was beautiful)
  • Drinks at The Lightship (a girl needs fancy drinks in her life)
  • Hog Island
  • Bathway Beach
  • Seven Sisters
  • I would love to see some turtles! Lots of lizards, goats, and dogs, but no turtles yet!
  • Fort George
  • Eat more Street Food at Dodgy Dock
  • Twofer at Bananas
  • MORE ROTI! How many Roti do you think I could eat in a month? I wanted to put a link to where to get a roti, but they are everywhere. My favorite comes from this small green stand in the parking lot of Grillmaster in Grand Anse. This Indian woman sells only Roti and Doubles from this tiny stand. She’s not always there, but when she is, YUM.
  • Eat MORE MEATLOAF. Yum. I will miss all the food.
  • Visit a cocoa farm to see how Chocolate is made
  • Visit Westerhall Rum Distillery again. Such beautiful grounds
  • Check out Leapers Hill (Caribs Leap)
  • Collect more shells from Secret Beach

I know there is more to see and more to learn. Maybe I will just have to plan to come back.